Clodbuster Bowtie Bumper




Vintage style with modern quality!

These have been redesigned from the ground up. The Integrated mounting points eliminate the need for additional brackets and unnecessary hardware. Reliefs cut into the backside of the bumper profile allow them to sit as flush as possible to the body making them look like a completely factory part. CNC milled from 6061 aluminum, can be easily polished to a mirror finish.

The back side of the bumpers are shelled, meaning no unnecessary material to weigh down your rig. These finished bumpers tip the scales at a mere 1.35 Ounces!

  • Front and Rear bumpers ARE different, you must order the correct bumper for the correct placement on the truck.
  • Bumpers are made to mount to stock chassis and body mounting points.
  • Rear bumper includes 2X Stainless mounting screws, Front bumpers reuse the factory screws for mounting.


As usual, These bumpers are made with pride only in the USA!

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