This is my 1997 Bridgeport/Romi EZ Path S. 

It was purchased mid-2020. It is equipped with a Royal Collet chuck and Pneumatic Collet Closer. It is also equipped with a SS Tool Air-Dex 8 position Pneumatic Tool Turret. It is in very good shape and continues to make quality parts.

I’ve acquired some of the documentation that goes with this lathe in the purchase and I’m making this available as it seems the information is very obscure online. 

I’ve also written a Post Processor for Fusion360 for use with this lathe. Big Credit to Sabine Speed for the ground work that I used as a starting place to further implement.

EZPath S Documents

EzPath S Installation, Maintenance, Parts Manual, and Electrical Diagrams.

Fusion 360 Post Processor

Post was written for a EZPath S. Cycles used are the drilling cycles. Please look through the post options and set up these options for your particular machine. There are options for max spindle speed overrides and the home position for tool changes.

This post processor outputs the conversational code that the control would create. This is more useful at times then G Code as it can be edited at the control if needed. Where a gCode output would need to be edited on an external computer, OR in the DOS text editor outside the the EzPath software GUI

Use with caution, Always verify programs.

* Use all above information at your own risk. Arch Fabrication And Machine takes no responsibility for the information contained above or how it is used by anyone.